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New business - registration

  • Starting a business is exciting. However, you may find various registrations and tedious paper work to be no fun at all. Do you want to save time and effort so you can focus on what you are really interested in?

Existing business & company

  • You have already set up your business. What is next? A sound accounting system is essential for the running of your business. This in turn helps ensure that your business operates more efficiently and therefore puts you in a better position to achieve the long-term growth desired.


  • It might be not cost effective to keep a qualified accountant or company secretary in house. However, their functions are critical to a company‚Äôs operation. Whether you are a pty or an ASX junior listed company, we can HELP.

Accounting firm

  • We understand the pressure of meeting deadlines. We agree that it is challenging to keep up with Accounting Standards as they evolve every year. We think once peak season is over, operations are much less hectic.