We are also in close contact with local legal advisors, auditors, business associations and maintain good communication with government organisations on behalf of companies. This allows us to work closely with our clients to sort out different business challenges.

Our clients come with different needs, from basic financial obligations, special purpose reporting to ad hoc requirements and professional company secretarial services.

It is our friendly attitude, professional ethics and modern practice that make us distinctively different from others.

Our Differences from Others

1 We don’t charge on hourly basis.
All our prices are fixed and agreed by our clients at the upfront, unless there is a change of scope. Our clients won’t have any bill surprise. Since we do not work on a time basis, we have strong motivation to work more effectively and efficiently.

2 We don’t treat everyone the same.
We believe every business is different. We tailor our services to suit our clients’ circumstances and needs. E.g. we use Excel instead of MYOB as a bookkeeping tool for some small businesses, thus helping our clients save a few hundreds of subscription fee every year.

3 We don’t work the old way.
Accounting is thousands of years old. However, we prefer to keep up with modern technology in order to streamline working process, reduce human errors and improve productivity. It is amazing that computers and innovative applications can do much more than we thought. They save us a lot of time, and ultimately, help reduce our clients’ costs.

4 We don’t hide our price.
All our prices are transparent and reasonable. We aim for our clients to get good value of their money.

5 We don’t do Year-end Tax Returns.
We are not sidetracted. We focus on what we are good at. This is an important reason why we have become better and stronger.